We offer the trenchless repair and renovation of sewer and pipe work using the CIPP process, a system that has been used worlds since 1973 and is clear market leader. Developed to overcome the problems of failing pipes, all types of sewers and industrial pipe work, underground or just inaccessible , we can provide a new structural lining with in the original pipe, greatly extending its life. The liners are manufactured of polyester felt to fit precisely the internal dimension of the pipe to be lined, the outer layer of felt is coated with polyurethane to seal the felt tube

The resin is then mixed with catalyst and fed the soft felt liner. The liner is fed through the defective pipe work, inflated and cured, leaving a cast in pipe with in a pipe, adding improved flow characteristics due to the smooth inside finish. Normally the liner is inserted through existing access points which means no excavation and no disturbance to surface feature, floor, tress, fences etc. Our remote controlled cutter can reopen even lateral connections in lined pipes of 150 mm and above.